Lashi Lake and Wenbi Mountain

White Cornelian Mountain Lashi Lake is located 10 km west of Lijiang County.  Jingtso and Dorgee had rented a large piece of land 20 years ago, and had slowly been building rooms, gardens, and a swimming for pool their own usage and their friends’ leisures. ... read more

Phuket Adventures

Libing We flew into Phuket on July 23.  My Chinese friend/student, who owns businesses in Phuket, came there with his 8-year-old son, Dou-Dou (Beans), to meet us.  He arranged for a van to pick us from the airport.  He booked us a hotel in central Phuket; however, we... read more

Bangkok Adventures

My blog is late in coming because I’ve had internet issues during this trip; also, I’ve been very busy playing the roles of being a martial arts teacher, baby-sitters for adults, tour guide, entertainer, and interpreter.   Finally, I got the internet... read more

Mérida Rainy Days

Rainy Season Apparently, we’ve come to Mérida on its rainy season.  The good thing is that the weather is cooled down quite a bit; the bad thing is you can’t go around much. On Friday, June 29, we were picked up by Paula, who was introduced to me by... read more

2019 Lijiang Excursion

Start planning for the trip of your lifetime, to a remote part of China that is hardly visited.  Stay at local “guesthouses,” eat local cuisine, tour regional villages, and practice Wing Chun in clean high-altitude air.  For more information, go to... read more


Training on pebble-stone ground.   I’m organizing an excursion of Yunnan Province in China – the birthplace of Wing Chun (Ving Tsun) – according to Great Grandmaster Ip Man. GGM Ip Man related the story of Yim Wing Chun, of how she and her... read more

Tracing Wing Chun’s Origins

Sunday March 1, 2009 Edited January 24, 2019 As Wing Chun practitioners, we all wonder where and how this amazing art originated. When Bruce Lee exploded into the martial arts scene and the silver screen, and the spectators learned that his pugilistic roots came from... read more

Moy Tung Kung Fu Family 30th Anniversary

I was invited to attend the 30th anniversary of Sifu Anthony “Moy Tung” Dandridge’s first-school opening.  I went there as a reporter, as well as one of the speakers.  The other speakers were my sifu, Sifu Nelson Chan, and my sisooks (young... read more